Monday, February 28, 2011

New Mai B. Earrings

I just finished putting a few new pairs of earrings up for sale in my Harvest Beads shop.  I am especially fond of the streaky, lustrous Elvish pair.  Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Frost. The Art of Custom Cake

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cupcakes.  I especially adore mini cupcakes.  Confession: I will even eat them for breakfast if they're in the house.  shhh, don't tell my daughter.  My favorite cupcakes in town are from Frost.  Confession two:  I recently tried their vegan vanilla cupcake and it was so incredibly delicious that I ate the one I was saving for my daughter while she was sleeping!  shhh, I'm lucky she can't read yet!

Frost is a collaborative effort between sisters, Stacie Thering, Tami Traeden and Aimee Traeden who reside in Portland, Oregon.  Together they love to create delicious, artful cakes and cupcakes for any event.
Visit their website for the full menu-

Not only are they scrumptious, look how cute these cupcakes are!  
Aimee Cupcake- chocolate cupcake with
chocolate buttercream frosting adorned with candy pearls

Josephine Cupcake-graham cracker cupcake with
key lime cream cheese frosting adorned with a lime peel curl

Nico Cupcake- graham cracker cupcake with
chocolate ganache frosting and a roasted marshmallow topping

Timothy Cupcake- vanilla cupcake with
vanilla buttercream frosting adorned with candy pearls

The sisters...even cuter then their cupcakes!
 All images used with permission from Frost.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mai B.

Happy Saturday! I woke up to a gorgeous sunny sky, granted it's freezing, but the sun feels wonderful.  This week my big project was adding a finished jewelry section to Harvest Beads.  I did it!  I have a bunch of beautiful earrings by Mai B, the collaborative project of yours truly and my dear friend Stacie Mai.  Our earrings are made of fused fine silver, sterling silver and lampwork beads.  Come take a peek, I'm so excited to share these with everyone:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bead Inspiration

Yesterday's Valentine's Day post got me thinking about beads...I'm sure that shocks you :)  What a great color palette for beads on this rainy February morning.  

available in my shop- Harvest Beads

Monday, February 14, 2011

Portland Valentine

 I just love this picture. The colors, the raindrops, the beauty of an overcast morning. I was walking my daughter to school and there they were, these two adorable heart-shaped leaves that had fallen into this perfect little arrangement.  So sweet.  My kind of valentine :)  Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bead of the Month

Each month I have a new feature bead for my Harvest Beads shop.  February's bead is sweet as a candy heart...transparent pink speckled with fuchsia and cherry blossom.
February's Bonus Bead (free with purchase)
Also available-
February's Made-to-Order (sets of two)
Beads For a Year! (Bead of the Month Annual Subscription)

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